Evening Schedule


Sittings are held on Zoom Wednesdays at 6:00 PM 

If you need the link for the Zoomdo please email Jason.  ​

Those who wish to receive Zazen instruction can join the Zoom session at 5:40 and they will be sent to a chatroom where they can work with Daichi Eddie Salazar. 


Our program will be as follows: 


5:40 pm: optional Zen training with Daichi for those new to Zen 

6 pm: short welcome and chanting. 

6:10 pm: Zazen round one 

6:30: five-minute break. You can stretch your legs, do kinhin (Zen walking meditation), use the bathroom, etc. 

6:35: Zazen round two 

6:55: Dharma talk by Kakuzen Carl Mountain

7:05: Chant the four bodhisattva bows 

There will then be an opportunity for participants to ask questions or share reflections. We will conclude promptly at 7:15 PM PST. 

Our winter practice theme will be Zen Blossoms. This season we explore the fruits and blossoms of such a grounding. How does Zen actualize in everyday life? 


We will have nine (9) practice sessions, starting Wednesday, January 13. We will also have nine different Dharma talks by nine different practitioners, including some special guests. Details forthcoming.