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Evening Schedule

Evening Schedule

Our Winter 2024 practice theme is ORDINARY MIND IS THE WAY 

Crucial for this practice season is the commitment to consistency necessary during this time of hard weather. A quote from a dialogue between Master Nansen and Joshu is at the heart of this commitment: “Ordinary Mind is the Way.” This seems a natural transition from last quarter’s theme: having understood that Zen is inseparable from our beginner’s efforts, we can now work toward a sustainable practice that meets the practitioner at every moment. Like the Beginner’s Mind, this dialogue brings comfort when practice is difficult, and it will remind us to release ideas of attainment that threaten to calcify with time and regular practice.

We will continue to meet both live (in the Multifaith Chapel in Campion) and via Zoom. If you would like to join us on Zoom and are not already on the listserv, please send us a message and you will receive the secure Zoom invitation. 


Our program (both live and on Zoom) remains as follows:


7:10 pm: optional Zen training with Daichi for those new to Zen
7:30 PROMPTLY: short welcome and chanting
7:40: Zazen round one
8:00: KINHIN (walking meditation or five-minute break)
8:05: Zazen round two
8:25: Dharma talk
8:35: Chant the four bodhisattva vows


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